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Show Me Seattle is proud to be partnered with a variety of small businesses that make this city great. While we’re quarantined in our homes we’d like to spotlight those great men and women who make it our esteemed pleasure to show you Seattle.

Checkout Heylo Cannabis, a CO2 concentrates lab dedicated to creating whole bud full cannabis extracts. Featured on our Herban Adventure Tour, you’re given a very privileged and unique opportunity to see up-close how cannabis oils are extracted and applied in topicals and cartridges. Their mission is to educate and inspire guests by demystifying the plant while imparting the message that cannabis is a gateway to wellness and self-empowerment.

Employees there aren’t partners, associates or team members, they’re called Angels and during this pandemic they’re truly stepping up and showing us all how to rise above our current situation. For our own health and safety the Governor of Washington has closed all non-essential businesses which is pretty much everything with few exceptions like, gas stations, grocery stores, the post office and…cannabis shops.

That’s right cannabis retailers are considered essential businesses and for good reason too. A variety of strains of cannabis have great anti-inflammation and anti-anxiety applications which is great for a time when we’re all couch locked and nervous for the future.

In addition to their other line of products Heylo has just launched a new product you won’t find on the shelves of Costco or Kroger and it’s exactly what we all need, a cannabis infused hand sanitizer.

Highgiene is a 2:1 THC-CBD full spectrum hand sanitizer engineered from a blend of cannabinoids and terpenes with an organic alcohol and aloe base.” It’s the hand sanitizer we never knew we needed and it’s being sold right now at our partner cannabis retailer Ganja Goddess in Sodo. If you’ve had enough of the Happy Birthday song while washing your hands then you’re in luck. SMS guide, Leila is the guest DJ on Heylo’s Spotify account this month. Check out her special Highgiene mix of alternative songs to sing while you get clean!

In a time and era where it is tempting to maximize profit margins the Angels are offering this product at cost to retailers and Heylo is donating 5% of vape and topical profits to the Seattle Foundation between now and April 20th proving to us all once again that not all heroes wear capes…in Seattle this one wears a Heylo.


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